Jan 9, 2008

Waiting For The Pitter Patter

Last night the Missus and I put up our toddlers "big boy" bed. A moment that was a little bit emotional for Bridget. He's growing up so fast. I for one have been waiting for this time in his life. It's finally ole Dad's turn to be cool! He loves it when we wrestle and my cheeks always hurt when we are done from smiling so much.So, last night went off with out a hitch. I'm not entirely sure he knows he can get out of bed yet. Right now is nap time and so far so good.

Xander truly has been an angle to raise. He never cries unless there is a good reason for it. He listens (for the most part) And I swear he must have swallowed a parakeet. The things that come from his little mouth.... I'm always like "Who taught him that word?" But, he just turned two and has his moments for sure. But, I know some parents who had it a lot worse too.

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