Feb 5, 2008

Wish Me Luck

This coming Thursday I have an interview with The Art Institute Of Indianapolis.

I spoke with a very pleasant gal named Bobbi from admissions this afternoon. I told her about my goals and trepidations of going back to school. I didn't want to be in high school let alone continue any further education when I was a teenager. Now, my thirst for knowledge and the desire to succeed is greater than ever before. But, that doesn't take anything away from how insanely nervous I am about the whole thing.

Bobbi asked about my Betrothed and her work schedule. Then she said that this was a decision for both of us and Bridget should be at my interview. I told her we had a two year old and before I could say any more. Bobbi said "Oh, good Bring him too. We have toys." Well, let me tell you, that certainly takes some of the sting out. She also told me that most of the student body was people my age.

"Bobbi, I've been out of school for over a decade. I never took the SAT's. I don't have a portfolio. And I have no idea how in the hell I'm going to pay for this."

I could actually feel her smiling over the phone.

"Great!" she says.

"Come in on Thursday and talk with me. We don't require any sort of portfolio or test scores. We have a full staff here whose job it is to help you with any financial aid you may need. I'll set down with you and your family and see if The Art Institute is going to be a good fit for you and then we'll proceed from there. And don't worry. We are an Art School. We have a different way of thinking around here."

So, wish me luck my friends. I really could use a break about know. And since don't have any rich relatives or play the lottery. It's up to me to provide a brighter future. I am under no illusion about the sacrifices that will be required. But, as long as the ends justify the means, it will all be worth it.

Thanks for listening.