Jan 10, 2008

Camptown Races

I'm starting the first of two website designs for Custom Insulation today. The one thing that is very relaxing about this project is the creative freedom. I have been given full reign to do whatever I think will best represent their company.

I usually go for the rich colors and bold statements found in most "rock" type layouts. Being used to working with bands. So, this is a little different than my norm. But, I'm always up for a good challenge. I think I'm going to go with that "All American" lokk and feel. Their logo is a red bar with "Custom Insulation" written in it in white. Below that written in blue is "Residential * Commercial * Light Industrial" Red, white and blue.

The real challenge is going to be making it classy. I think it's a common practice (when one uses this theme) to be a bit gaudy. Or at the very least ill conceived. I have a couple of weeks before the official start of this project. Time they needed to get all the information together. So, I'm using it to get my concept down and the images and basic HTML structure completed.

I always feel a bit behind the bubble when it comes to web design. As I stated before, people go to school for this kind of thing. I'm sure it is a bit aggravating to those who have for me to even be attempting this. But, something has to give somewhere. This was a really crappy year for us. The end of the season fizzled out two months before it usually does. Leaving the Mrs. and I in a place that is barely above the poverty line. I can't afford to get a job and risk losing the minuscule pay the government (unemployment benefits) has deemed acceptable. I really miss my comics. This project may not afford me my comic bliss. But, it will keep the internet and cable on this winter!

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Jeff said...

Well, I had a minor in graphic design (oh, excuse me, "visual communication design") in college, and let me tell you, it's more of a hindrance than anything.

You're fine. Just keep drawing, keep a sketchpad to write your ideas down or sketch them out, and you'll be golden. Never stop drawing, whatever you do.